by Brian Indig

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I've been in a writing slump. I will write a song each day for a month as a remedy.


released February 26, 2017



all rights reserved


Brian Indig Hastings On Hudson, New York

I'm in my room. I'm on the moon. I'm a cartoon.

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Track Name: 2-27-17 Puppet of Me
you don’t have to pass every time
lace up your boots
find your own loot
read the signs

you don’t have to watch it be done
it can be you
it’s good to be who
has the fun

puppet of me
what can i be
making me move
surely will prove
me to me

though giving is good for the soul
if it is fake
keeping will make
you feel whole

fear not to open you to
what you dream of
not from above
it’s from you

puppet of me
what can i be
stay in control
make me feel whole
be more me

be more me
Track Name: 2-28-17 Nothing Left to Say
wander to bed under bourbon on the train
wonder how they knew we’d kissed before we came
years have gone away
nothing left to say

liquor slumber never lasts the way it should
slightly head hurts morning greasy eggs are good
i remember
slinking away
leaving is ok
love another day
nothing left to say

easy to see why we are the way we are
hang on just by one thread only goes so far
words have gone away
nothing left to say
Track Name: 3-1-17 Peter Forgot His Lunch (Money)
peter forgot his lunch
peter forgot his lunch money
Track Name: 3-2-17 Okay
 scared but it’s nothing at all
just a feeling when take big fall

scared and you wanna be dead
but it’s all just inside of your head

hide till it’s time to come out
then you learn what it’s all about

hiding but just for awhile
when you’re done face it with a smile


open when you want to be closed
maybe hurts but better than your lows

open isn’t easy at first
don’t hold in until you’re gonna burst

everybody wants to be liked
even when you never show it right

everybody crushes it down
put on smiles when you wanna frown

Track Name: 3-3-17 Broken Pot
bits and pieces all around
green and tan litter the ground

dirt spilled all over the floor
broken pot can hold no more

it’s not that big a deal. can you stop yelling please?
we're all busy. you're busy. i'm busy. let's just do this.

how will you manage the mess
dust pan and sweeper i guess

just grab a broom. get the dust pan. it'll take 3 minutes
nobody is going to die. no one's in trouble

no one will mind you take your time

what am i still doing here?
i have to ask myself. again. why am i here?
Track Name: 3-4-17 I Love You
I was afraid when i met you
that you'd be untrue
then you said "babe, you think way too much"
and that's when i knew
Track Name: 3-6-17 All In My Mind
gonna go out today gonna see my girl for a while
she makes me smile

i dunno how she’s been feeling, but i been in love for a mile
cuz i like her style

maybe we roller coaster kiss in the line
maybe we walk around and just drink cheap wine

maybe we walk around in the park till we find someone who sells us some cotton candy and a coke
and then we can smoke

cuz i bought some pot just the other day while i was eating a lot with my friend who was telling a joke
a weed dealing bloke

me and my baby we’re gonna be feeling alright
cuz when we’re together i know we’ll be loving all night

and i feel crazy when we’re saying goodbye
cuz nobody’s there and it’s been all in my mind
Track Name: 3-7-17 I Could Not Sleep
i could not sleep last night

i tossed and turned last night

being with you last night

talking with you last night

wake up too late today

drag off to work today

alone on the couch today

watching tv today

i hope i sleep tonight

thinking of you tonight

smiling is hard tonight

being alone tonight
Track Name: 3-8-17 It Wasn't Meant To Be
i'm falling in love
it wasn't meant to be
Track Name: 3-9-17 Delete 45
Track Name: 3-10-17 The Only Brian
there’s another guy
with my same name
there’s another brian
at my work place

and i feel i’m losing touch
cause everybody likes him so much

there’s another brian

he spells it with a y
it’s not the same
he’s just another brian
in this workplace game

and it’s hard to just be kind
but he never seems to really mind

there’s another brian
Track Name: 3-11-17 It Feels Right To Be Wrong
can’t ignore that you feel good
move along i know i should
treat you like you’re fast food
in return you are so rude

i know i should just quit you
you tug hard at me you do
back door straight into my brain
conscience washes down your drain

everybody’s talking and everybody knows they’ve known all along
it feels right to be wrong
everybody says and everybody shows they sing the same song
it feels right to be wrong

can’t remain but i can’t stay
it’s all the same with you anyway
it hurts but also it feels good
drink you secret understood
Track Name: 3-12-17 Aimless Drumming
Track Name: 3-13-17 Hello Moon
hello moon
i'm writing alone tonight
under your light

goodbye sunshine
it's snowing out right now
and forever

and goodbye workweek
we've cancelled you for now
it's the weather

hello moon

hello snowflakes
i'm digging out my car
for tomorrow

goodbye virtue
i watch tv but i'm sorr

hello moon
Track Name: 3-14-17 You Feel Comfortable But You Don't Feel Good
when you call
you know i always listen
i’m afraid
of what i might be missin
you always make me feel just how i should
cause you feel comfortable but you don’t feel good

i always have to wonder if i should
cause you feel comfortable but you don’t feel good

when you write
you know i read completely
in the night
i answer you discretely
having you means i must wear a hood
cause you feel comfortable but you don’t feel good
Track Name: 3-15-17 Not Paid
Money Money Money
Track Name: 3-16-17 Maryland
i’m driving out to grandmas
and i won’t have time to write

i’m driving down to maryland
we’re getting there tonight

and when we are in maryland
then i won’t have my guitar

we’re all packed up right to the brim
there’s no room in the car

i love my grandma very much
she’s very dear to me

but since she’s down in maryland
it’s difficult you see

to go down south to see her often
it’s four hours away

but if i didn’t have a job
or friends here then i’d stay
Track Name: 3-17-17 Smooth Sailing, Sunny Day
Track Name: 3-18-17 Well, Technically, I Did
I drove a lot today. I'm beat.
Track Name: 3-19-17 Oceans of Thee
one or two years away from
making today
the rest of your life

won’t be happy in place
your love an embrace
hemming me in

one plus one equals 3
between you and me
futures i see

oceans of you and me
drown in the sea
it’s meant to be

oceans of thee

oceans boiling away we’re
killing today
now’s all there is

stealing motions of you
trapped in the true
alone in your blue

oceans of thee
Track Name: 3-21-17 Music All Day
Music All Day Every Day Forever Bleeding Ears
Track Name: 3-22-17 The Feeling That Something Bad is About to Happen
Things have been going so well. Something is about to go wrong.
Track Name: 3-23-17 This Song is About You
this song is about you

if you’re wondering
if this song
is about you
it is
hope it doesn’t feel too weird

and if you wanna know
if these words
are about you
they are
oh i bet that feels good

wanna know if i think of you
i can tell ya baby that i definitely do
i’m doing now while i write this song

and if you wanna know
if i’ve
ever done it before
i’ll never tell no no

ask my friend if i write about you
so i’m writing a song about you asking my friend
if i write about you well yeah i’m doing it now
Track Name: 3-24-17 It Was Mutual
i was ready when you had to go
cuz i did not want you

holding steady not a drama show
you were done with me too

breaking up it’s for the best
i’m glad i got that off my chest

there i said it and you said it too
i’m glad that we can agree

i am ready for someone new
i’ll be fine yeah you’ll see

breaking up it’s for the best
i’m glad i got that off my chest

it’s definitely
it’s definitely
it’s definitely
it’s definitely

it was mutual
Track Name: 3-25-17 Ubetcha Gets Some Chicken
me and the band we were down to clown
so we went to bar called chicken town
the buffalo chicken was highly recommended
i put in my mouth and the fun never ended

discussion was broad we covered many topics
lena dunham and the simpsons and a trip to the tropics
we drank a few drinks many more than intended
the buffalo chicken was highly recommended
i put it in my mouth and the fun never ended
Track Name: 3-26-17 Repetitive Beauty
Track Name: 3-27-17 Pie
he sits alone
he orders a piece of pie

what’s on his face?
love and lonely sigh

end of the line
ready to say goodnight

ask for advice
son you should bide your time

fully grown
feels like a little child

he sits alone
orders a piece of pie

play with your food
cupping a hand to face

a minor mood
end of the night he chased

look at his phone
wait for her i-embrace

it never comes
forever second place

fully grown
feels like a little child

he sits alone
orders a piece of pie